Thursday, 15 August 2013

Time and News

We are learning about telling the time. This week we found out about the history of clocks. We learned that long ago clocks only had one hand. One hand??? Yes, one hand!!! So it was tricky to show 2:10 (ten minutes past 2). That's why the minute hand was invented.

We learned that it was too confusing to add new numbers on clocks for minutes so instead the old numbers were used: '1' became a secret '5 minutes', 2 became a secret '10' minutes and so on. We counted in fives all the way up to 12. 12 fives make 60. There are 60 minutes in an hour. We learned the secret of telling time... shh:)

Today we practised working out how long a minute is (one minute is 60 seconds). We counted the first ten seconds together with Mrs Tuck's stopwatch, then we had to count in our heads to 60. When we thought we had exactly 60 seconds we stood up. Blaze stood up at exactly 60 seconds. That's AMAZING - well done Blaze!
Ka pai Holly, Star of the Day! Thank you for bringing in your news on your trip to Ohakune and the snow. We loved your self-typed recount and photos of your fun family adventure!

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