Sunday, 16 June 2013

Finding and using information

The class have chosen four gold mining questions to study:

1. Where did the gold miners come from?
2. Where did the gold miners find gold in New Zealand during the 1800s?
3. Why was the gold mining rush called a, 'Boom and a bust?'
4. What did the gold miners look like?

Each child has been focusing on one question. We have found information in the libraries and are now using information.

We all found a little bit of information through words and pictures. The atlases and globe in class were very helpful in answering questions 1 and 2. For question 4, there were loads of photos and drawings of gold miners to show us how the gold miners looked.

We love our topic of gold mining!! Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Wow! Read the part that starts, "The population..." This shows us how many people rushed to Central Otago during the gold rush. This helps answer question 3.
Wow! Read the part that starts, "Many new arrivals..." This helps answer question 1.

Here is a picture of Gabriel Read. Tell your family who he was.
At the end of the gold rush, he ended up poor... 
Can you guess why?

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  1. Ask Eden about his Great-great Grandfathers and the goldrush