Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Annika's Letter

Look what we received! A letter from Annika. She is having a wonderful time in Germany as you can see. We can't wait for her return.

Room 24 children - please ask Mum and Dad to help you write a response to Annika underneath this post. She would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Dear Room 24!

How are you?

It is now over three weeks ago that I started school in Germany. On my first day I got a School cone filled with lollies and presents, which is tradition here to give to the new entrants.

The school here has no playground but we play running races, and I have lots of friends here. School starts at 8.15am, and because it is only a 5 minute walk I am now allowed to go by myself on my scooter - which is very cool! On most days school ends at 11.30am and we go home for lunch, homework and sometimes on the bike, or inline skates. Last week it was very hot up to 37degrees so we went to the pools a couple of times.

The last picture shows my new pencil case - very organised- and today's homework. You'll see the lines are different here and we have to write exactly within them. We are also learning "schreibschrift" which is a continuous type of writing with a fountain pen.

Last weekend was the longest day and to celebrate this we went to a huge fire, which was very cool- well actually it was very hot.

How are you all? I would love to hear from you.

Xxx Annika


  1. Hi Annika,
    The class went to Howick Historical Village on Monday.
    We dressed in gold mining clothes. We had a lot of fun and it would have been nice if you were here.
    I hope that you are having fun in Germany and you have lots of friends.
    Poppy x

  2. Yes Annika, you would have loved our trip to Howick Historical Village. We enjoyed dressing up. Poppy and many other children liked the butter making. Tomorrow we are eating our homemade butter on crusty baguette.

    We look forward to your return!

    From Room 24