Thursday, 7 March 2013

Room 24 Zoo

Ahoi there mateys
You may have heard the news that Room 24 has new members! A rainbow lorikeet and many monarch caterpillars and chrysalises. We are looking after them while Mrs Reid is helping out at senior camp. The class have been very inquisitive, caring and respectful of the animals.

Ka pai Room 24:)

Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Is common in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
  • Loro means parrot in Spanish -thank you to Poppy's family
Winston in his younger days
Monarch butterflies:

  •  are from North America
  •  are most famous for their lengthy migration from Mexico to Canada
  • live well in NZ and Australia too
  • like all insects, have six legs
  • live 2-6 weeks during the non migrating season
  • live 8 months during the migrating season

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