Monday, 11 March 2013


Here's things due/upcoming/thank yous:

  • "My Family" sheet
  • Your boat for the Cornwallis beach trip and permission slip and money for Cornwallis Trip (please see the bottom of the Ara Teina webpapge to click on the newsletter if it has gone missing)
  • This Friday we are celebrating "Green Day," please see the notice coming home... and dress in green.
Thank you for:
  • Practising your spelling list and 1-3 essential list words 3 times per week
  • Practising your basic facts 3 times per week
  • Reading your two new books every day
  • Reading your library book with your family
  • Reading your poetry book over the weekend and returning it on Monday to the poetry box
  • Visiting the educational websites on our blog
Remember, you will progress more in your learning at school if you practise at home so... practise practise every single week. Keep up the great work Room 24 and you will be set up for a fantastic life of learning.

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