Friday, 18 July 2014

Welcome back to Term 3

Room 24 has some
great readers
Dear Parents ,

Welcome back to Term 3.I hope you had had a restful, relaxing break with your children and are raring to go. All of us in Room 24 would like to welcome Denzeil, Emily, Isabel and Lucas to our class.

As we come into class each morning we are working on being independent and getting ready for the day's learning.It makes us feel really proud  to do things on our own,

This term our Inquiry Learning topic is Safe from harm. We are going to be researching the main entry points to safely get to our classroom. Click here to read about safety to and from school.

Please keep up with the reading each night.We will be working on reading skills, strategies and comprehension depending on your child’s reading level. Please support our reading achievements by reading as many books as you can. Brush up on your reading skills by checking out this website. You could make a note of the good books you have read together and we could share  your book reviews in class. Click here for a  another cool website for you to explore.

Our story writing focus will be on placing capital letters and full stops in the right places. For our more adventurous writers, it will be varying sentence beginnings,adding detail and using descriptive words and phrases.

In Maths, we are starting off with Knowledge and Strategy Numeracy stages. We will also be looking at geometrical shapes especially with a focus on road signs.We practise our basic facts in class each morning -counting forwards and backwards, before and after, skip counting etc. Click here to practise your Maths skills . Remember practise makes perfect!!

Last term we discovered two  Basic Facts Maths whizzes in Room 24. Jacob Kite and Krishna Patel are now at the next level up.Keep up the good work !!!!

I have uploaded Term 3's spelling list for each week. Please look for it under Spelling.The children know their spelling groups. So please support them in their learning. In the last term we found a Spelling Star, Tegan Bracey has now moved up to the next level. Well done!

Could I please request you to return your child’s book bag and notebook with him/her each day as we need it in class daily?.

If you could give off some of your time to help us out with returning readers to the resource room, cutting out templates,shapes etc,sharpening pencils, typing out your child's story at home so we could publish it in our blog or any other activity that you could think of and assist us with, do let me know,we would really appreciate it.

As we we work on our Inquiry learning from 2 pm onwards, I have another important request that we would greatly appreciate if parents and younger siblings could please wait away from the deck outside our classroom. This time is crucial and important for our learning.

If you have any queries/concerns or even good comments regarding your child or their progress, please don’t hesitate to let me and I would be happy to address them.

Kind regards

Veronica Gardonis
Class Teacher Room 24.

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