Friday, 6 September 2013

Science Alive!!!

Yes it's science alive alright in Room 24.

Today for 'Facetime,' we took swabs (with cotton buds) around the classroom to check which areas had the most germs.
We will discover what item is the most infected and why... and what we can do about it.
In the classroom we have antibacterial soap, detergent, clean towels and antibacterial lotion - so everything and every finger will be as clean as a whistle (but whistles aren't clean says Rm 24!).
Our team of scientists are growing colonies of bacteria from our swabs in petri dishes, kindly supplied by Chris, Edward's mother. Chris works in a lab at Auckland University.

Edward and his guinnea pig

Inside the petri dishes is agar - a hard gelatine like substance, perfect for growing stuff. The dishes will be sealed shut so we can never open them again. We can only observe the results with our eyes...

Today for a treat Jake, Mrs Baird's BEAUTIFUL dalmatian, showed us his fetching skills. He was as fast as a.../He was fast like a... (can you think of a great simile)?

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