Saturday, 13 July 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays children! We started reading Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' Thank you Finlay for bringing in the original version of the movie - what a treat for the last day of term!

To keep up your learning, here are some ideas you may like to follow over the holidays:

  • Reading - go to the New Lynn Library regularly - there is an easy-to-read children's section. At home, do a combination of reading to your parents and them reading to you. You may like Mum and Dad to read you a Roald Dahl chapter book each night. Think about how he writes.... does he use similes, good describing words, feelings...? What does he do that you could add to your writing?
  • Essential Spelling List words ('Spelling Homework' page) - practise five or more words everyday until you have mastered them. If you know these words then it will speed up your creative writing.
  • Maths - print basic facts sheets ('Basic Facts' page). Time yourself to do better each time. Practise the maths games under the 'Websites' page - there are new ones for each group: Cubes, Triangles, Pyramids and Spheres.
And finally, here's a photo and video from the last day of term... Miss Korver and I very much look forward to seeing you next term!

Miss Korver and Fleur Tuck
Room 24 like to learn even before the morning bell!

Click here for a star hula hoop performance by Paige that happened in the last 5 minutes of Friday!

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