Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gold Mining Dress Up Day

Room 13 (Year 3) and Room 24 are buddy classes this year! Together, we are studying New Zealand gold mining. We will be incorporating our research on gold mining into a timeline of New Zealand’s history with other buddy classes. This will be an exciting term where the children will see each class’ contribution to a different part of our history. We will be learning:
  • simple research techniques of how to pose a question
  • how to access information
  • how to read information 
  • how to present our discoveries e.g. as a mock interview, play or poster.

We are looking for family members who can give a talk to the children about mining in general, gold mining or a simple history of life in the late 1800s. Could you or do you know anyone who could talk about one of these subjects? If so, please let us know:). 
On Friday, May 17th the school is having a dress up day. Each buddy class will dress according to their chosen subject and parade their costumes at assembly. For this day could you please send your child to school with named gold mining clothes in a bag.
You may want to dress your child in: 

·         an old white shirt with buttons
·         long dress/buttoned shirt and skirt with bonnet or straw hat
·         jeans
·         black pants
·         boots or black or brown closed-toe shoes
·         overalls/waistcoat
·         men’s suspenders that go over the shoulders
·         country/old/farmers hat
·         Chinese farmer hat
·         another idea you may have in mind, e.g. policeman/town banker…
Your own clothes, borrowed clothes or second hand clothes will be just perfect! We will be needing your outfit later in the year for filming a gold mining skit so please keep the outfit handy in a tied up bag at home after Friday.

Thank you
Fleur Tuck


  1. You should ask Eden about his great-great-grandparents and gold mining

    1. Really Eden! Do you have gold mining in your blood?