Saturday, 16 February 2013

Room 24, 2013

Welcome to Room 24's blog for 2013!

What a lovely start to the year for our new Year 2s. So far we have been sharing our holiday stories and interests, learned our classroom routines and have started our new topic unit, "Some things float, some things don't" - a science unit on buoyancy and boats. Our other units will revolve around this theme: Maori (the waka), maths (the language of measurement) and art (making boats).

 In Week 3 (18 - 22 February), reading, spelling, maths homework will start. Two books will be sent home every Monday - Thursday. On Fridays, a poetry book will be sent home for weekend reading. You will find your spelling and maths homework on this website.

Kia ora koe, I am Mrs Fleur Tuck and I welcome you to Room 24's website. Our blog is all to do with what we are learning, right now. Here, you will find Room 24 newsletters, photos of Room 24, weekly homework information and educational games. We will be using our blog in class and it will be most beneficial to use at home to continue practising the learning goals from school.

Warmest regards
Your teacher
Fleur Tuck

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